Heartland Youth Center (Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Stettler Boys & Girls Club Stettler)

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Tel: (403) 742-5437
Address: Box 876, Stettler, AB, T0C 2L0


Heartland Youth Center started in 1983, with a single dad who identified a need for his two daughters to have a positive female role model.  Big Brothers Big Sisters of Stettler became an incorporated Alberta society in June 1984.  In 1988 Boy's and Girl's Clubs was introduced to meet the needs of the unmatched children and other community youth.  In 1990 the two organizations amalgamated under the auspices of "Heartland Youth Center", although affiliations with the two national organizations still exist.


Alberta Central.

Program Description

Boy's and Girl's Club provides after school, evening and summer group programs to youth.  Big Brothers Big Sisters provides a number of mentoring programs including; Traditional matches, Couple's matches, In School Mentoring and Teen Mentoring.
In a Traditional match a Big Brother or Sister is matched to a Little Brother or Sister.  In a Couple's match a Big Brother and Sister (a married or common-law couple) are matched to a Little Brother or Sister.  In these community matches, they spend a few hours per week together pursuing common interests such as crafts, sports, or just hanging out!

Children who spend time with a mentor gain confidence, acquire new skills and competencies and develop an enhanced capacity to care for others.  Mentors experience a sense of discover and enjoyment as they see the world of possibility open up through a child's eye.
An In School Mentor is matched to a youth age 6-18.  They spend 1 hour per week together on school property, through the school year. Our Teen mentors are at least 14 years of age, and participate in the same screening and training process as our adult mentors. Mentors help build a child’s self-esteem and school performance while having a lot of fun.  The experience is also very beneficial for the teens who gain some great skills and work experience.  They learn the importance of being dependable and they have a lot of fun too!

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