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Are you curious about life as a scientist or engineer?

Get the inside scoop from your own online mentor, a professional woman with a successful career in science, technology, engineering, or math. Cybermentors inspire girls with amazing career opportunities, and the confidence to excel in science and math.

Cybermentor is free to join for girls in grades 6-12 across Alberta.

The unique talents of women are crucial to innovation and growth of the science and engineering sectors, so we all benefit from a brighter future. Careers in science and engineering empower women to make a world of difference.

The primary goal of the Cybermentor program is to broaden girls’ knowledge of careers, opportunities and benefits that exist for women in science and engineering fields. Participants have the opportunity to communicate with mentors from diverse careers in science, technology, engineering, and math. Through guided communication, and the exploration of online resources, girls expand their options for rewarding career paths, while building confidence and discovering new interests.

The secondary goal is to motivate girls to continue in their math and science studies, through interaction with successful female role models who are studying and practicing in these fields.


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Program Description

Cybermentor is designed to expand girls'’ knowledge of careers, opportunities and benefits that exist for women in science and engineering fields. Through online mentoring, girls aged 11-– 18 from across Alberta are matched with women scientists and engineers. They are encouraged to share their enthusiasm for math and science and to discover the possibilities and rewards of careers in science, engineering, technology and math. Together with their mentors, girls explore the worlds of science, engineering, technology and math. They are supported by a series of program activities and a secure, active, online community with discussion groups, experts-on-line and much more. Participation in Cybermentor provides access for girls to a large resource of successful, positive role models in science and engineering, and motivation for them to continue their studies in math and science. There is no cost to participate.

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