Clean Scene Network for Youth Society

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Address: 9425 109 A Avenue, Edmonton, AB, T5H 1G1


Clean Scene Network for Youth Society is a primary drug and drug related crime prevention program directed at Grades 7 to 12 across Alberta and the Northwest Territories. It is also directed to young people who have already experimented with drugs. The Society's goal is to reach all junior and senior high schools in Alberta. The delivery vehicle for the Society's messages are personal presentations to students and web communications to reinforce messaging, offer additional information and provide referrals where needed. The activities of Clean Scene are aimed at youth in their teens and can cover issues such as teen pregnancy, FASD, drug and alcohol dependent babies and parenting. The program is also for parents to get a better understanding of drug use and its effects on their children, as well as ways of dealing with the many adverse problems that result in drug use. In 2007 Clean Scene began doing experiential mentoring for youth who have already asked for assistance with their substance abuse problems or been referred by other agencies or schools. Until late 2008 there was no funding for this until the Alberta government through Gaming recently provided some funding with a promise to assist further. Clean Scene will expand this program over the next number of years to reach substance abusing youth across the province. Currently it is only available in the greater Edmonton area or by phone through our toll free number 1-866-481-3784.


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