Canadian Native Friendship Centre

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Address: 11728 95 St., Edmonton, AB, T5G 1L9


Serving the Edmonton Region, the mandate of the Canadian Native Friendship Centre is to improve the quality of life of Aboriginal people in an urban environment by supporting self-determined activities, encouraging equal access to and participation in Canadian society while respecting Aboriginal cultural distinctiveness. Our vision is toward an integrated, self-reliant Aboriginal community who participate as urban citizens taking responsibility for their shared condition in a spirit of health, cooperation and wellness within a strong cultural base.


Edmonton & Area.

Program Description

Programs currently offered include Pow Wow Fitness, Wellbriety Support Group, Dene Drumming Groupo, Conversational Cree Classes, Conversational Cree Circle, Cree for Tea Talking Circle, Drop In Pow Wow classes, Traditional Arts and Crafts, Metis Jigging and Dance classes and a bi-monthly LBGTQ2 Support Group.
Annually, we are full participants in the Heritage Days Festival.


Special Populations

  • Aboriginal Children/Youth
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