Mentoring High School Students: Exploratory Ironworking Program With CBE

AMP is excited to share an excellent example of mentoring in action!Calgary Board of Education CBE

The Calgary Board of Education partnered with Local 725 to Mentor ten high school students from five high schools throughout Calgary in an exploratory off-campus ironworking program. The students spent their afternoons, Monday to Thursday, working with journeymen instructors, while earning work experience credit applicable towards their Alberta High School diplomas.
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“This program is part of the solution to Canada’s skilled work shortage. Young Canadians learning the value of hard work, integrity and pride.”

– Rob Calver, business manager at Local 725 is thrilled to be able to support the development of local talent here in Calgary.

“It’s great seeing this group of young people getting genuinely invested in improving their skills. I believe we’ve opened their eyes to see that there is a great future for each of them in ironworking. If they choose to work hard, a long rewarding career in the trade is achievable and, in fact, a very real possibility.”

– Oakley Cooper, training instructor, Local 725.
The students cannot wait to get to the Local and engage in meaningful work that provides them with the opportunity to develop skills that may lead to a career in the skilled trades.

“This opportunity really opened my eyes to greater goals, and made me not as scared to reach them. This helped me step up in life. I am really thankful.”

– Dallas M., student at Jack James High School.
Ryan Emond, learning leader, off-campus education, continues to work with business and industry in the hope of developing other exploratory programs that allow students to “test-drive” possible careers.