Dental Hygienists Association of Alberta

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Tel: (403)3899925
Address: 47 Edgewood Place NW Calgary Alberta


The DHAA serves its members by advocating to have oral healthcare recognized as integral to
Alberta’s healthcare delivery system and by supporting the advancement and recognition of
dental hygienists as primary healthcare professionals. The DHAA uses its leadership role to
collaborate with other health professional associations, health regulators, educators,
government, and industry partners to create awareness of the importance of oral health in
overall health and the vital role of dental hygienists in achieving optimal oral health for all
Albertans. The DHAA empowers and supports Alberta dental hygienists to be their best selves
in providing safe, effective, and relevant oral healthcare services to Albertans regardless of
their individual practice settings.


Areas of Focus
  • Health Network

The Dental Hygienists Association of Alberta (DHAA) is a non-profit professional association that
provides, or intends to provide, the following services:
* Professional Liability Insurance (PLI) acceptable for CRDHA registration requirements
* Negotiation of dental hygiene fees with the Alberta Government and other government
or publicly funded oral healthcare providers, as applicable
* Establishment of a fee guide for dental hygiene services
* Relevant continuing education to fulfill the needs, requirements, and desires of its
* Promotion of the dental hygiene profession and the importance of dental hygiene care
in the achievement of optimal oral and overall health for Albertans
* Recognition and promotion of excellence and pride in the profession by offering
scholarships, grants, and/or awards
* Promotion and/or facilitation of advanced learning and growth of the profession itself
* Online employment advertising service for employers and members
* Support services, such as employment advice and business support, as identified as
important by the members themselves  Development of a mentorship program
* Advocating for the interests of the dental hygiene profession to government and
regulatory bodies, policy makers, and other professional associations