Africa Centre

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Tel: (780) 455-5423
Address: P.O Box 70075, Edmonton, AB, T5C 3R6


The Council for Advancement of African Canadians in Alberta, widely known as the “Africa Centre”, is the largest Black-led not-for-profit organization in western provinces of Canada. Our vision is to create a strong, relevant and engaged African descent community in Alberta. Our mission is to create opportunities for access and full participation of the African descent community in Alberta.

Our mandate is to build a thriving community of African descent Canadians in Alberta with full access and participation through our programs and services. We serve Black populations in Alberta with focus on the following four pillars:
Advancement and Empowerment
Cultural Identity


Alberta North.

Program Description

Early Learning and Child Care
Youth Programs
Mentorship & Leadership
Basketball Program
Leadership Development Fellowship Program
Seniors Wellbeing and Engagement
Gender Equality and Women Empowerment
Mental Health
Community Capacity Building Support
Economic Development
Employment and Skills Development
Entrepreneurship program

Areas of Focus

  • One-to-one
  • Formal
  • Non-profit host placements and mentorship opportunities

Special Populations

  • Children/Youth in Care
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