Step 4: Getting the Word Out

Marketing and Awareness

One of the most challenging steps in the planning process can be reaching the target audience and getting participants registered. In most cases, information can most easily be disseminated through school administrators and educators by e-mail.

Use these marketing flyers and registration forms as a starting point. Fill in both versions with information about your event and distribute far and wide!


early summer

  • build excitement and curiosity by sending a teaser ad or save-the-date to the principals and key administrators at institutions attended by potential participants

late-August - mid-September

  • start creating event awareness by e-mailing marketing flyers and registration forms to local youth and community centers and schools in your area

late-September - early-October

  • change the messaging to a call to action by encouraging potential participants to register for training
  • distribute hard copies of marketing flyers and registration forms

Supplemental Strategies

Aim to create repeated points of contact by using multiple channels. Some options include:

  • expand your network: find out if your partners have existing connections with local youth and/or mentoring agencies and use those contacts as a starting point
  • utilize the power of peer referrals: connect with participants from previous years & encourage them to return for additional training and to bring friends!
  • create a Facebook event: explain what a training forum is, and the goals for the day, and provide the agenda, a map, registration forms, and the registration deadline (if applicable)
    • include the event link in all marketing efforts
    • consider purchasing FB advertising
  • reach out to your community: post information about your event on local volunteer websites; place an ad in the local or school newspaper or eZine

Marketing Tips

  • wait until Fall to begin your concentrated marketing efforts - students and key administrative contacts are at capacity in June and otherwise occupied over the summer months
  • develop an affiliation with well-known mentoring organizations, such as BBBS and AMP, and get permission to use their logos and taglines to give your event credibility and recognition
  • more involvement from the schools at the committee level generally results in increased buy-in, leading to higher registrations and increased potential for permission to hold the event during school hours
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