Online Orientation for Mentors

Supporting volunteers to effectively mentor young people begins with initial and on-going training. To support organizations in providing quality, standardized training, AMP has developed an online orientation program for mentors. It is most beneficial if mentors participate in these pieces of training before they are matched. Additional in-person and/or program-specific training may be required. This training provides a foundation of knowledge that you can build upon.

What You'll Learn

The course introduces mentors to the core concepts of mentoring and what it means to be a mentor.

The program includes 5 modules and a quiz to test understanding:

  • The basics of mentoring
  • The importance of mentoring
  • The role of the mentor,
  • What kind of support you can expect from your mentoring program.
  • You will also be introduced to the dynamics of building a positive mentoring relationship.

Want to Try the Training?

If you simply want to do the training and are not currently volunteering at any particular organization, you are still welcome to visit to create a new account. When creating a new account, select "Other Authorized User" as your organization.

Online Training for Your Organization

To use the Alberta Mentoring Partnership’s online ‘Orientation for Mentors’ course as a part of your mentoring organizations training, please first apply to become an Alberta Mentoring Partnership partner. If you are already a partner with us, then please contact us and request to have your organization added. Your volunteer mentors will then be able to make an account and you can track their progress.

Getting Started 

Getting Started - Mentor TrainingPlease download our Getting Started - Mentor Training manual to learn how you and your mentoring organization or school can use the Online Mentor Training.

Online Mentee Training

The Alberta Mentorship Partnership has worked with mentees, mentors and parents to develop a short orientation of the mentorship experience – for both kids and parents.

The course, which can be used in group, school and one-on-one settings, provides an overview of some of the core concepts of being a mentee, including:

  • What is a Mentor? What is a Mentee?
  • Getting to Know your Mentor
  • Let’s Be Safe and have Good Boundaries
  • My Strengths
  • All About me

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