Leading Social Change

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“In the Lead”, brings a new approach to working with so-called “at risk” young people and giving Cenovus employees a valuable volunteering experience. The 16-week program uses a strength-focused approach to build leadership ability and character development in young people at risk of being involved in criminal activity. Through a mentoring relationship, the program matches vulnerable teenagers with adult coaches (Cenovus employees) who focus on the young people’s strengths as opposed to their weaknesses. “In the Lead” concentrates on what is strong with young people, not what is wrong with them. Students and adults are encouraged to apply their strengths and abilities in a healthy, productive way to make a real difference in each other’s lives, and lay the foundation upon which to realize their potential. To date, over 50 Cenovus employees and students have participated in “In the Lead” and results of the program have exceeded expectations for Cenovus and Calgary Youth Justice Society. This program is unique in Canada and illustrates the role both non-profit organizations and corporations are playing to ensure young people are able to build resilience, recognize their potential and fully participate in society.

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