Episode 2 - Let's Get Mentoring Going in Your School! - Mentoring Minute Podcast - Episode 2

Let’s Get Mentoring Going In Your School! – Episode 2

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We know mentoring in schools makes and enormous contribution to student achievement, academic persistence, positive health outcomes and much more. But how do you get a program started in your school? What resources are available to you in your work? How can you as a volunteer or citizen get involved in a school, even if you don’t have kids? We …

Episode 1- Welcome to the AMP Podcast

Welcome to the AMP MentoringMinute Podcast – Episode 1

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The Alberta Mentoring Partnership is an organization comprised of 140+ partners from government, community, and non-profit organizations. We take a collective impact approach to our work and we focus on a few key areas including promoting mentorship in Alberta and providing tools, training, and resources to front line mentoring staff to improve their programs and their practice. Learn more at …