Youth Speak Out on Mentoring Video

Youth Leadership Forum

Youth believe mentoring makes a positive difference and can have a lasting impact on all involved.

Youth from across Alberta attended the 2013 National Mentoring Symposium in Banff to help shape the future of mentoring. The Youth were given the opportunity to attend Keynote Sessions with speakers including Tom Jackson, Michael Unger and Max Valiquette as well as presenting their perspective on the future of mentoring to the symposium attendees.
The youth forum was designed to have a twofold benefit for youth;

  1. Garner feedback from youth attendees about what mentoring should look like for the next 100 years
  2. Increasing the knowledge base of youth with respect to mentoring and developing leadership and communication skills

Visit here to learn more about the National Mentoring Symposium and to watch some of the keynote videos from 2013.

 Youth Speak Out on Mentoring

The 2013 National Mentoring Symposium Youth attendees created the below video to share their thoughts and insight about mentoring relationships. A related Discussion Guide can also be used to engage other youth to consider the power of mentoring, and how they can get involved.

Youth Speak Out on Mentoring – Alberta Mentoring Partnership from albertamentors on Vimeo.

The Alberta Mentoring Partnership (AMP) defines mentoring as the presence of a caring individual(s) who provides a young person with support, advice, friendship, reinforcement and constructive role modelling over time. It is our hope that this video inspires and encourages youth to get involved in their communities through mentorship.

Resources Mentioned in the Video

CTS Courses: Peer Mentoring, Intro to Mentorship, Becoming a Mentee, Becoming a Mentor, and Extending Mentoring Relationships.