Save The Date: Mentoring Girls Webinar 12:00-1:00PM (MST) Thursday April 7th, 2016

Are you looking for resources to improve your mentoring programs? Do you want to support healthy outcomes for girls in your community?
We invite you to take part in a “lunch and learn” webinar (Mentoring Girls Webinar 12:00-1:00PM (MST) Thursday April 7th, 2016) hosted by the Alberta Mentoring Partnership and Samantha Cochrane, Manager of Girls’ Mentoring at the Canadian Women’s Foundation.

Samantha Cochrane is the Manager of Girls’ Mentoring at the Canadian Women’s Foundation. Samantha’s work helps girls in Canada to move into confidence and learn to overcome challenges like violence, poverty, and gender stereotypes. She loves broccoli sprouts, is a Toronto Blue Jays fan and loves her incredibly adorable dog Clint. 


This webinar is free to view and there will be an opportunity to ask questions.
Girls benefit from gender-specific and gender-positive group mentoring programs. These programs have particular benefits that help girls build resilience and protective factors. Some of these may include:

  • Gained Confidence: Girls specified that the mentors made them feel more confident, that they participated more often in group when the mentors were there, and that because the mentors were positive, encouraging and complimentary, they gained confidence.
  • Finding their Voice: Girls reported finding their voices to speak up more and stand up for themselves.
  • Healthy Relationships & Positive Lifestyle: Many girls reported learning from their mentors about school, culture, getting along with others, dealing with conflict and leadership skills.
  • Sense of Belonging or Connectedness: Mentors established positive relationships with girls which helped them open up about relationships or conflicts. These conversations helped the girls understand how to be a friend, how to resolve problems and how to reduce bullying.
  • Increased Community Connections: Girls have a larger network they can connect with outside of the group and can feel empowered to take action on issues in the community

–Canadian Women’s Foundation (2014)

This toolkit will present you with strategies and approaches that can guide you to support girls to achieve these same outcomes.

What is the Girls Group Mentoring Toolkit

This toolkit is intended to be a starting point and will supply you with the key elements needed to develop a quality group mentoring program for girls.
The Girls Group Mentoring Toolkit provides the tools, resources, and support to create, implement, deliver and evaluate a quality group mentoring program for girls, ages 9-13, in your community.
This toolkit is intended to be used in a range of communities, and can be adapted to the unique values, needs, strengths and challenges that each community encompasses.
The Girls Group Mentoring Toolkit is a collaboration between the Canadian Women’s Foundation, the Alberta Mentoring Partnership, and The W. Garfield Weston Foundation.
This toolkit has been piloted at five different sites including: Cornerstone Family & Youth Inc., YWCA Lethbridge, Community Action Resource Centre, Rebound, and the Inuvik Youth Society.
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