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Collaborative Community: Teen Mentoring in Schools

Are you looking for a way to develop healthy relationships and leadership for your students? As we return to schools many students will be feeling disconnected and disengaged. Teen mentoring can help to create connections and has been shown to increase academic achievement and decrease unhealthy behaviours in both the 'mentor' and 'mentee'.
The objective of this Collaborative Community is to support regional and provincial networks of school-based mentoring educators and mentoring organisations and to provide the framework for a sustainable teen mentoring network.  


For this purpose, supported by a grant from an anonymous funder in partnership with the Alberta Mentoring Partnership (AMP), AMP will offer the following opportunities to develop and strengthen teen mentoring in schools:

  • A provincial webinar to launch the year in September
  • October North and South virtual workshops
  • Regional webinars in November/December
  • A provincial webinar in March
  • North and South meetings in May (Face to Face if possible)

Participants are invited to register at any time and do not have to have attended previous webinars or workshops. It is strongly recommended that you register for the series with your closest city’s name in the title to ensure you are in the cohort that best suits your context.

Through ongoing engagement in the Collaborative Community, participants will come together to share their experiences, successes, challenges and recommendations in regards to school-based mentoring.

Presenter Bios:


Caroline recently retired after 35 years as an educator with Edmonton Public Schools. During that time she taught at elementary, junior and senior high, was a behaviour consultant, a principal at four different schools and spent time seconded to both Alberta Children's Services and Alberta Education with a focus on supporting students who are vulnerable and creating welcoming, caring, respectful and safe learning environments. During her last secondment Caroline's main area of focus was mentoring, including supporting the Alberta Mentoring Partnership and setting up a Corporate Mentoring initiative at Alberta Education. For the last five years, Caroline has been a Big Sister and learned about mentoring from the 'inside'.


Meghan Cox, currently on secondment with Alberta Education, has worked for over twenty years to support schools in implementing welcoming, caring, respectful, and safe learning environments. In doing so, she has supported staff and worked with students with a broad range of needs, in a variety of roles including mentor, teacher, counsellor, coordinator, instructional coach, facilitator, and consultant from K-12 and division office. Mentorship has played a large part in this, focusing on relationships and connections, building resiliency and student success through a strength based approach. A significant part of this secondment role is supporting the Alberta Mentorship Partnership. 

Please note when registering
    1. There is only one link for all the sessions in each region – so please sign up for the entire series.
    2. You can sign up after the series has started – people can continue to register through the year if new people want to join.
    3. If you cannot make it to one of the dates please don’t let that stop you from registering – just let the consortia know if you’re unable to come in person so that we can adjust food amounts (you can also send someone in your place).
    4. The webinars you can host with as many of your team as you would like, wherever you are.
    5. For those registering that are not school based, when it asks you what school division either type Not Applicable, or if it has a drop down menu at the bottom you can select the bottom link (not affiliated) and then fill in your organization if not listed


Due to enrollment we have combined regional sessions and we will have north and south cohorts going forward for the rest of this year.

Consortia Provincial Webinar
4:00 - 5:30

Centralized Wrap-up
(TBD - webinar or face-to-face)

South Cohort (Red Deer & South)
Mar. 10

May 11, 1:00pm - 3:30pm

North Cohort (Edmonton & North)
Mar. 10

May. 13, 1:00pm - 3:30pm