The Gangster Next Door

Thursday March 24th at 9pm on CBC Doc Zone (9:30 NT).  

Part police action film, part in-depth analysis, all deeply-human storytelling, THE GANGSTER NEXT DOOR presents characters rarely willing to step out of the shadows and into the public eye:  a founding member of a notorious and violent gang, the mother of a gangster girlfriend, and the shattered mother of an innocent victim – a woman whose all-consuming grief fuels an anti-gang crusade. 
Their stories give insight into how and why Vancouver and British Columbia’s Lower Mainland became Ground Zero in Canada’s latest bloody gang war, and how these gangsters emerged from seemingly low-risk middle-class suburbia — stooping to new lows to win increasingly brazen gang battles, targeting victims who were previously off-limits, and shattering the lives of true innocents. 
THE GANGSTER NEXT DOOR reveals how it can happen in any community.  The bad guy could be anybody’s next door neighbour.  
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