Alberta Teachers’ Association Building Mentoring Relationships in Schools

Through the simple act of spending time with children and youth, mentoring improves youth mental health, engagement, attendance, and success in and beyond school. Mentoring also been linked to improved high school completion. These benefits apply to both the mentee and teen mentors. School-based mentoring can leverage teen or adult mentors as targeted interventions for certain students, and as a way of developing a school-wide or multi-school communities of belonging and support. This workshop will provide school leaders with foundational information on mentoring research and models, possible implementation strategies, and resource references to assist them in the development or enhancement of youth mentoring programs.  This workshop was developed through a collaboration between The Alberta Mentoring Partnership and The Alberta Teachers Association.

For information on accessing this workshop for your school or district, contact:

Jeff B Johnson
Executive Staff Officer, Professional Development

T 780-447-9400 or 1-800-232-7208