Providing children with the right kinds of experiences at the right times is critical to their development. Alberta’s schools and community organizations can build strong brains and strong citizens by connecting children with well-trained mentors who can support them as they learn and grow. Mentoring is an invaluable service provided by caring schools and community organizations across Alberta.

At its most basic level, mentoring assures a young person that there are adults who care about them and can help them deal with day-to-day challenges.

The Alberta Mentoring Partnership is dedicated to the success of mentoring organizations and programs across the province. We offer tools and resources to help mentors contribute to children’s better health and well-being.


Offering tools and research to help schools and mentoring organizations create, sustain and expand quality mentoring programs and experiences for kids and mentors.


Helping schools and agencies screen mentors through our user-friendly Online Volunteer Application system.


Delivering marketing campaigns through social media, TV and radio to promote mentorship and mentor recruitment in Alberta.


Raising awareness of mentorship and promoting the mentorship movement in Alberta through co-branding with partners.

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Connecting potential mentors, kids and parents to local mentoring organizations across the province using our school and agency search tool. /p>

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The National Mentoring Symposium is a Canada-wide conference that strives to advance the unique contributions of mentoring to the well-being of children and youth, volunteer mentors and communities. Key highlights of the 2016 Symposium include innovative partnerships, promising practices, unique programs, and leading research.