First Nations Educator’s Conference

Looking to improve or develop a mentoring program for Indigenous Youth?

Research shows that mentored youth are more likely to develop resiliency and achieve success in education, work, and make positive life choices. Through sharing of cultural tradition and values, Indigenous mentoring programs help Indigenous Youth establish relationships and build social capital, which can be critical to success especially with the ongoing effects of dealing with the pandemic. 

According to research by MENTOR Canada, 90 % of Indigenous Youth who had a mentor completed high school, compared to 79 % of Indigenous youth who did not. Indigenous youth need mentors.

Since the discovery of the 215 graves at the Kamloops residential school at the end of May, and the thousands more since, along with the social-justice movement started by BLM, Canadians want to take action and find ways to be an ally to Indigenous people.

Indigenous Youth need Indigenous and non-Indigenous mentors, an act of reconciliation can be investing in Indigenous Youth through mentoring. 
Tangible outcomes First Nations teachers/educators:

  • Understand what mentoring is and the benefits to the mentor and mentee
  • Understand components of a successful Indigenous mentoring program

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