What is Youth Workplace Mentoring?

A Youth Workplace Mentoring Program (commonly referred to a Corporate Mentoring Program) is a relationship between a mentoring organization and a business that results in the creation of a Youth Workplace Mentoring Program between employees and kids. The program offers mentoring organizations the opportunity to recruit employees as volunteer mentors, and gives businesses a means to engage employees and build the brand’s identity while giving back to the community.

This booklet is designed to be completed in as little as one hour on your own or as a group activity with your team at your next staff, board, or team meeting. We recommend colleague collaboration when starting this exercise.

Take 10 minutes to fill in the form with the relevant information.

Take 10 minutes to share your findings with the group

Take 10 minutes to review the opportunities for engagement and the best leads

Take 10 minutes to assign a designated contact person each of the lead generation contacts

Take 10 minutes to plan a follow-up meeting to report back on the results

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