Response to Announcement by Liz O'Neill, Co-Chair, AMP

Alberta Mentoring Partnership (AMP) is thrilled and gratified by the results of today’s announcement from Premier Stelmach regarding renewed funding.  A press conference was held in Calgary at 1:00 today (March 30th) where the Premier released details that will see AMP continue the work of supporting positive mentoring programs for children and youth in Alberta for another three years.
AMP’s vision is to ensure that every child or youth at risk in Alberta who needs a mentor has access to one. To achieve this vision, AMP has worked with agencies and organizations to establish or enhance mentoring programs in their local communities. We will continue to focus on building capacity by offering access to best practices and sound research supported by tools and resources that will help mentoring agencies start new programs or make existing programs even better. Ultimately, AMP will achieve its goals by helping community mentoring programs meet the needs of the children and youth they serve.
We know mentoring works.  Research tells us that, over time, consistent interaction with a mentor increases the likelihood that a child or youth will complete high school and experience success in life. It is also proven that positive connections with adults help kids build confidence and make better choices.
On behalf of Alberta Mentoring Partnership, its members, and the children and youth of Alberta for whom formalized mentoring is crucial, I thank Premier Stelmach, the Government of Alberta and the volunteer citizens of our communities who step forward each and every day to be there for the children of Alberta.  Our commitment to helping kids achieve success is stronger than ever and we look forward to continuing our work together toward this goal.
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