Two Exciting Leadership Opportunities for Your Staff.

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All AMP partners are invited to a joint training event with 4-H. 
As partners of the AMP,  you are invited to this exclusive learning opportunity with The Search Institute.

The morning will focus on strengthening Developmental Relationships and the afternoon will focus on helping young people find their spark.

Developmental Relationships & Igniting Sparks

Relationships are developmental when they help young people discover who they are, develop abilities to shape their own lives, and learn how to engage with and contribute to the world around them. A Spark is the hidden flame inside every young person that taps into their true passions, talents, skills, and dreams. This workshop helps you be intentional and strategic in strengthening relationships in schools, youth-serving programs, and agencies while tapping into Search Institute’s research on Sparks as a gateway to relationship-building with young people.

What You Will Learn

  • Become familiar with Search Institute’s research on Developmental Relationships and Sparks within the context of thriving
  • Examine the place of relationships in the lives of youth and the power of both approaches for deepening relationships between youth and adults
  • Explore the five essential actions that contribute to making a relationship transformative in the lives of youth
  • Explore Sparks as a tool for building developmental relationships

What You Will Get

Print materials that summarize and support the application of developmental relationships and Sparks

Workshop Format

1 Day

Who Should Attend?

  • Staff and leadership from youth-serving programs and agencies
  • School staff: educators and administrators
  • Social workers
  • Mentoring program staff and leadership
  • Volunteers

Consider practical applications of both approaches and identify one simple action idea for applying the research in your work with youth.

Learn more in these two videos:

The 5 critical elements of building developmental relationships with young people.To find out more about developmental relationships:
  • Express Care
  • Challenging Growth
  • Provide Support
  • Share Power
  • Expand Possibilities

Sparks matter: finding your spark. What gets you out of bed? What makes your life rock?
How do we as caring adults help young people find their SPARK?
Registration Questions? Contact Alesha Hill @ or 780-644-8550.

A little more about the Search Institute

Positive Youth Development is a globally-recognized and heavily-researched approach to working with children and youth that is strengths-based and focuses on building assets in youth.  The Search Institute works with hundreds of large-scale and community-based organizations throughout North America and has extensive experience in researching Positive Youth Development. 4-H Canada partnered with the Search Institute to customize the PYD model to 4-H.

Offering a Search Institute workshop at the leader learning day about positive youth development and the development assets that pertain to 4-H should be an effective way to continue increasing awareness and understanding amongst 4-H leaders and parents.  The workshop facilitator will explain the model with application to 4-H with interactive exercises, tools and approaches that leaders and parents can take away to improve their interactions with members and other youth…making 4-H an even better program!

Research with millions of young people shows the power of people from all walks of life committing to do what they can to support all young people’s success. By participating in this highly interactive workshop, parents, educators, mentors, will:

  • understand the strengths and supports that are essential for young people’s success in school, work, and life, based on Search Institute’s research on Developmental Assets
  • identify qualities of individuals who play powerful roles in young people’s lives
  • discover opportunities in their everyday lives for making a positive difference
  • make personal commitments to take personal action to support youth success

Details Specific to Each Location

Grande Prairie – November 16th

Location: TBA

Registration Opens: October 1st

Registration Deadline: November 1st

Registration Fee: $25 (includes lunch and refreshments)

Drumheller – November 23rd

Location: Badlands Community Facility

Registration Opens: October 1st

Registration Deadline: November 8th

Registration Fee: $25 (includes lunch and refreshments)

How to Register

Utilize the guest registration option to register for the learning day of your choice:

  • First, visit this link and fill in your information
  • Click on the Program Registration and select the program you wish to register in.
  • You will receive an email with your username and password, please make sure to keep these in a safe location.
  • Once you have registered in a program you will receive an email confirming that you are registered.
  • Your receipt for the program is accessible by signing into the on line registration, selecting Program Registration, the receipt for each program registered for will show up on the left hand side.
  • Once you have registered, you will show as Pending until the program lead approves the registration. Make sure that you have paid for the program as that is one of the criteria that the program lead reviews before approving the registration.

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