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Three easy ways you can participate in Volunteer Week 2017…

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Volunteer Week - Start Mentoring_WebsiteHeaderDid you know that across Canada it is Volunteer Week April 23-39? That’s right!

Volunteer Week is a great way to celebrate our wonderful volunteer mentors who make our programs thrive. It’s also a great opportunity to help engage Albertans in new volunteer opportunities— such as becoming a mentor!

Here are three easy ways to tap into the enthusiasm of Volunteer Week:

  1. Post something on your social media, on your front door, or in your kitchen appreciating your volunteers. The best source of new volunteers is your current roster of champions who are passionate about your agency and kids.
  2. For Mentoring Organizations: Post something recruiting new volunteers! Let the community know that you are “actively recruiting” and be specific about what roles you need filled. From mentors to bookkeepers to board members, we all have a role to play in supporting mentoring across Alberta. Update your partner profile and put forward a new “volunteer mentor job description” to AMP to make sure that when people use the NOMINATE or START MENTORING tool, they connect with your agency.
  3.  For Mentors: If you are looking for a mentoring opportunity please check out our Start Mentoring Form, or if you want to let a friend know that they would make a great mentor, please visit our Nominate a Mentor form.

Thank you to all of those who volunteer and make our community such a wonderful place!

– The AMP Team

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