Province-wide Recruitment Campaign starts Monday!

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Alberta Mentoring Partnership is pleased to announce the upcoming Social Marketing Campaign to recruit volunteer mentors in the Province of Alberta.  In small and large communities, billboards and radio advertising will appear to support the efforts of the partners in informing and encouraging men and women to consider sharing their time with deserving young people. 

The campaign focuses on the idea that “Mentors don’t have to be superhuman, but they can feel like it.”  Interested individuals are being asked to go to to find out about mentoring opportunities in their community. 

The following is the campaign schedule:

Both radio stations and billboards were selected based on a number of criteria.  Note that portions of both were generously donated by the media providers and may run longer or more frequently than scheduled. 

A free webinar is scheduled for Monday, February 28th at Noon to discuss the campaign as well as additional ideas and recommendations around spreading the word in your community.  Contact Barb Alberts at 1-888-342-6514 or to register.


Should you have any questions or comments regarding this campaign, please do not hesitate to contact me at

Many thanks and Happy Recruiting!

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