Big Brothers Big Sisters 31st Dream Home Lottery

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Fundraising update from Big Brothers Big Sisters of Edmonton & Area

Happy Friday! 

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Edmonton & Area is so very grateful that you have chosen to lend your support in the past through the purchase of Dream Home Lottery tickets.  Last week we shared that ticket sales are not where we would like them to be.  While that is still the case, we did see stronger sales this week than in the past several.  We know that there are a lot of causes in our world that deserve your attention so that makes us all the more grateful when you choose to invest your hard earned dollars on us. 

We show our respect for this investment by maximizing every dollar we earn.  I’ve been asked a number of times now, where this money goes.  As a volunteer driven organization, much of our funding goes toward finding, screening, training and supporting volunteer mentors.  These are the folks that deserve the credit…they give selflessly of their time and attention, their emotions and experiences, to ensuring a child or a group of children have opportunities not otherwise possible.  Without our incredible volunteers, our work would not be possible and the children and youth of our community would not benefit from positive, productive mentorship. 

Despite enjoying a year where more children were served than ever before, we must do better.  There are hundreds of children – particularly boys – on our waiting list.  This means we need to work harder, inform better, and continue to find new ways to support kids through mentoring.  And that’s where you come in.  Your purchase of a Dream Home Lottery ticket contributes directly to our ability to accomplish this work. 

Aside from the cause you’re supporting, there’s this little thing called the grand prize.  If you haven’t visited the home, it’s well worth the trip.  This $1.29 million, 2 storey, fully furnished, Avanti built home, is pure dream.  And tickets start at just $25.  If you buy early, you’re also entered to win one of our two Early Bird Draws of $50,000 each.  The first “Early Bird” deadline is February 24th!

When you buy a ticket, you really do help a child.  They need your help.  Go to for more information and to buy your tickets.  You can also do so by phone at 1.877.483.8832.

 Our sincere thanks for your ongoing support.

 Big Brothers Big Sisters of Edmonton & Area

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