Volunteer Alberta launches "Intersections II"

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So many organizations in Alberta are working within newcomer and immigrant communities.  There are a number of cultural and societal uniquenesses that make it difficult to communicate with and engage these newcomers in the not for profit sector.  Volunteer Alberta has been working toward supporting organizations in their efforts to develop relationships within newcomer communities. 

“Intersections II”

Empower your organization to recruit and retain immigrant volunteers!
Eliminate barriers to help integrate new immigrants into your community

“Intersections” is focused on building organizational capacity to engage diverse volunteers. This second phase of the project is focused on the governance level of an organization. They are currently looking for 4 organizations who would be interested in taking part in a year-long project to build this governance capacity.

To find out more about “Intersections II”, go to http://volunteeralberta.ab.ca/programs/Intersections2Application.pdf

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