The Alberta Safe & Caring Schools Forum - May 12th

The Alberta Safe & Caring Schools Forum

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The Alberta Safe & Caring Schools ForumEducators, parents, media and organizations like the Canadian Safe School Network & The Society for Safe and Caring Schools & Communities have spent the past few years reacting to an onslaught of bullying issues and dealing with the impact of tragic situations. The solutions lie not in punishments and consequences – but in prevention. We must educate our youth – and ourselves – to foster inclusion and healthy relationship development to create safe, caring school and community environments. The prevention of violent behaviour, harassment and tragedy can be found in empowering youth to become engaged and mobilized members of our diverse Canadian community.

Join us as we host this important one-day event bringing together expert speakers to discuss issues of LGBTQ Youth Acceptance & Inclusion, First Nations Youth Engagement & Opportunities, the Personal Consequences of Online Harassment, Resiliency and Positive Mental Health and much more.

Date: May 12, 2014
Location: Calgary, AB

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